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Adis Hasanic

UX/UI Designer

I'm a user experience, interface and visual/graphic designer with almost a decade of experience working with entrepreneurs and startups large and small on making digital products and experiences. I specialize in web and mobile apps, marketing websites and brand identities, and I use Sketch, Photoshop and HTML/CSS/jQuery. I'm 22 years old, I got my first serious freelance gig when I was 13, and I'm entirely self-taught in what I do. I'm based in Sarajevo, but work remotely.

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Adis has been an incredible addition to the team. From day one, Adis was able to massively contribute to the UX of our platform. He thoughtfully approaches his design decisions and takes the time to understand the individual problems of each screen. He is always quick to respond and has created a visual design for our product that we are extremely happy with!

Blake Puryear

Product Lead at Engine

Adis does top quality design work and is fast and very responsive to client's needs. I strongly recommend him without any reservations.

Chandra Duggirala

Founder & CEO at Tides

Adis is an excellent communicator, creates great designs fast, and is really great to work with. He quickly understood our rather complex requirements, did a bunch of quick iterations producing great work, was very flexible and patient as we came up with new requests, and also helped shape the overall product we were building.

Indraneel Mukharjee

Founder at LiftIgniter

“Adis took direction well, and was comfortable iterating on a project through completion to create exactly what we were looking for.”

Kelsey Klein

Writer at Meitu

Adis’ opus at Kamcord was establishing the user interface, visual design and interactions for the Android Broadcasting app. He communicates his thought process well and continually strives to better understand his users.

Gordon Tindall

Design & Growth at Lyft

Adis is easy to work with and fast. After sharing who our target customers are, a sketch of our landing page, and our copy, he was able to make suggestions to our original thinking and create a beautiful design in just three days.

Tiffany Kuo

Co-Founder of Multiply Labs

We set up and worked on an online writing platform for professionals. Adis came up with good ideas, maintained contact with our focus group and was timely with his deadlines.

Stan Janssen

Software Engineer at Axini

“I consider two aspects important when working on a website design - communication and precision. Adis excelled at both. He always responded in a timely manner, and the final work was more than I expected.”

Sandro Dzneladze

Founder of We Are De

Adis produces nothing short of grade A work with great attention to detail and mindfulness of client requirements.

Vincent Chou

Product Leader at Groupon

Featured Works

Engine Dashboard

Engine Insights is building a powerful eCommerce platform that will allow anyone to create and operate their own online shop, and they hired me to design a beautiful and easy-to-use customer dashboard, i.e. admin panel—a way to manage the account, the shop website, orders, products, and more.


As a part of the job application process at ProtonMail—a Swiss startup making the most secure email provider in the world—each applicant is required do a redesign of ProtonMail's current inbox design. The objective was to show, in about 10 hours of work, what quick changes a designer would make to the UI, UX and visual design of ProtonMail.

Old version

My version


I was hired to work on an app that will track user's body, lifestyle and genetics, and be able to recommend the healthiest meals. Working closely with its founder Chandra Duggirala, our goal was to make it easy to track progress and find the next healthy meal, without making it look like a serious thing. The chipmunk was illustrated by Berin Catic.


I couldn't find a simple, beautiful online writing app, so I designed and founded Typen. Typen was officially launched on September 2016 and discontinued by June 2017 due to poor growth rate, maintenance, redesigning and bug fixing being not worth it and myself shifting interest to other projects.


I was hired by LiftIgniter to work on the onboarding process. LiftIgniter is a YCombinator backed startup that provides a smart personalization API.


In 2015, I spent four months as a designer at Kamcord in San Francisco. Kamcord is a YCombinator backed startup that was offering a way to record and watch mobile gameplays. Managed by Gordon Tindall, my role was was the visual, UI and UX design for Kamcord's brand, marketing and products.

The Website

App Icon

Live Broadcast

Kamcord wanted to allow anyone with an Android device to create and manage a live stream of a gameplay, using only the phone itself, without pausing or closing the game being played. The challenge was to construct the user interface for setting up and managing a stream which would overlay the game’s, without distracting the player, yet be kept simple enough for easy use by its first-time users during an engaging gameplay. The priorities were clarity and speed.

Live Watching

Experimental Website Designs

Every now and then, I do a design exploration, praciticing my visual and presentation design skills.

Thank you!

Other works were not shown because they're protected by NDA, outdated or not as good as featured works.

I'm a full-time freelancer and I'm always open to hear about new ideas, projects and opportunities. If you have any questions or just wish to talk, you can start by sending your message to