Adis Hasanic, a UI/UX designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina with more than 12 years of experience designing apps and websites, mostly at startups, backers of which include YC, Sequoia, and A16Z. Currently based in Nice, France.

Personal projects

History of People, a website presenting history of the world, the people, the cultures, in all their silliness, from the beginning until present, in a very pressed form, for people who don't have much time.

The Why House, a website showing, in text only, excerpts from interviews with the witnesses of atrocities committed by some members of the army of Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1992 and 1995.

Emerald, a web app which makes it easy to create text-only websites, documents and pages with customizable fonts, to present something or someone, share drafts, ideas and information, publish writings, etc.


Canvas, a startup based in San Francisco, backed by Sequoia, hired me in 2023 to design a UI/UX of a web app which makes it easy to create dashboards from data in any app and database.

Sematic, a startup based in San Francisco, backed by YCombinator, hired me in 2023 to design a UI/UX of a web app which helps machine learning teams to set up and manage models.

Wasmer, a startup based in Spain, hired me in 2022 to design a website for a platform makes it possible to deploy code in one programming language on all devices.

Onboardbase, a startup based in Nigeria, hired me in 2022 to design a website which presents a web app which brings all env. variables in one place and helps developers collaborate.

Grafbase, a startup based in Stockholm, hired me in 2022 to design a UI/UX of a web app which makes it easy to deploy app backend, starting with GraphQL APIs.

Atlas Kitchen, a startup based in Singapore, hired me in 2020 to design a UI/UX of a web app which makes it easy to manage a restaurant.

Flowdash, a startup based in San Francisco, backed by Google Ventures, hired me in 2020 to design a UI/UX of a web app which makes it easy to create workflows for business processes.

IndieCampers, a startup based in Lisbon, hired me in 2018 to design a UI/UX of a mobile website which makes it easy to rent a campervan in Europe.


Tristan Agaësse in 2023 while CTO at Leveros, a startup based in Paris, building a crypto lending platform: "As the CTO of Leveros, I had the opportunity to bring Adis on board for the design of our MVP. His capacity to swiftly and accurately decode our product needs was a game changer. He transformed brief explanations into user-centric designs that didn't just look good but truly resonated with our target audience. Adis's proactive communication ensured that our projects progressed seamlessly, and his adaptability was a perfect fit for our fast-paced startup environment. For anyone seeking a UX designer who is both exceptionally skilled and easy to collaborate with, I wholeheartedly recommend Adis."

Luke Zapart in 2023 while CEO at Canvas, a startup based in San Francisco, building a platform for making dashboards: "Adis acted as a true founding designer on our team. He needs very little direction, and I have honestly never met anyone this proactive, productive, and pragmatic at the same time. He has a real knack for UX design, and seeing user problems before they occur. He's basically the startup CEO's dream. He redesigned the v2 of our app from the ground up, knowing exactly what to redo, as if he was an expert in our domain (data analytics). We received raving reviews of the redesign from both existing and new users, and I believe it was instrumental in us getting #1 on Product Hunt."

Blake Puryear in 2018 while PM at Engine, a startup based in Arkansas, building a Shopify competitor: "From day one, Adis was able to massively contribute to the UX of our platform. He thoughtfully approaches his design decisions and takes the time to understand the individual problems of each user flow. He is always quick to respond and has created a visual design for our product that we are extremely happy with!"

Indraneel Mukherjee in 2017 while CEO at LiftIgniter, a startup based in San Francisco, building a content recommendation API: "Adis is an excellent communicator, creates great designs fast, and is really great to work with. He quickly understood our rather complex requirements, did a bunch of quick iterations producing great work, was very flexible and patient as we came up with new requests, and also helped shape the overall product we were building."

Kelsey Klein in 2016 while PM at Meitu, a startup based in Los Angeles and China, building a photo-editing app: "Adis took direction well, and was comfortable iterating on a project through completion to create exactly what we were looking for."

Tiffany Kuo in 2015 while CEO at MultiplyLabs, a startup based in San Francisco, selling pills which provide all you need for health and energy: "Adis is easy to work with and fast. After sharing who our target customers are, a sketch of our landing page, and our copy, he was able to make suggestions to our original thinking and create a beautiful design in just three days."

Stan Janssen in 2014 while a freelance software engineer: "We set up and worked on an online writing platform for professionals. Adis came up with good ideas, maintained contact with our focus group and was timely with his deadlines."

Dawson Whitfield in 2013 while UX designer at Weebly, one of the world's most popular apps for making websites without coding: "Adis was always able to deliver something new and supremely beautiful. He was key in exploring new UIs and visual designs for Weebly's 10 million users."

Sandro Dzneladze in 2012 while freelance photographer and CEO at, a website helping tourists learn more about Georgia: "I consider two aspects important when working on a website design - communication and precision. Adis excelled at both. He always responded in a timely manner, and the final work was more than I expected."

Vincent Chou in 2011 while CEO at turboBOTZ, a startup based in Chicago, building a platform which helps find more video games: "Adis produces nothing short of grade A work with great attention to detail and mindfulness of client requirements."


If you'd like to know more about my work and availability, reach out via email and we can schedule a call to see what's possible.