For 1 year and 3 months (Oct 2018 - Jan 2020), on a full-time basis on-site, I was a sole designer at Teamscope, an early-stage startup with headquarters in Tallinn, building a web platform that helps companies analyze personality and values to build better teams. One of Teamscope's co-founders spent 30+ years in executive headhunting, and Teamscope was backed by TechStars, SAP, BlackPearls and Jaan Tallinn, co-founder of Skype.
Working closely with CEO and PM, I was designing product UI and UX, marketing website and created various visual and video assets for branding, marketing, sales, advertising and fundraising.
Me (first from the right) with the rest of Teamscope on January 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia:
What there was before I started
Teamscope has already built a product where users can take several surveys to create a profile about their characteristics.
New design
The goals and challenges were mostly about how to have a single platform that makes it easy for managers to learn about their teams and employees, for employees and candidates to create profiles by taking surveys that create data and insights about personality, values and competencies, and for organization leadership to track processes of hiring and teambuilding.
What there was before I started
Teamscope had a website which presented the platform in the use case of executive hiring, because that was their main area of focus, since one co-founder spent 30+ years in executive headhunting and had a good understanding of what to build, how to sell it, and who to offer it to.
Redesign in mid 2019
During the course of several weeks, I worked on the design of a new website. I worked with CEO on content, designed the visual, and developed it in HTML/CSS. Average number of demo bookings increased from 5 per month to 30 per month.
Redesign in January 2020
In 3 weeks I designed and developed a new version of a website. The goal was to present the platform as a tool not just for executive hiring, but for learning about people and building teams in organization of any size. I worked with co-founders on content and information architecture, designed the visual, and developed it in HTML/CSS to pixel-perfect which adapts to any screen size.
Product was used by thousands of managers, employees and candidates in large companies with a lot of positive feedback sent from users, website redesigns increased avg. demo bookings from 5 to 30 per month, and Teamscope’s CEO, who was mostly selling the product to enterprise organizations, said that my work “made the product 10x of what it was and took the business to a whole new level.”
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